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Bah the depressing entries; bah bah BAH!

*kills the damn black sheep before it can fill its flea-infested bag with the god damned wool*


More packing today.  To save Mom the time (and to get out of packing things that I have no idea where to place and that don't belong to me), I offered to fix dinner.  Boneless skinless chicken breasts in tomato - basil spaghetti sauce over pasta with Italian - style salad, Sister Schubert rolls, and white Merlot.  Scrumptious!  Though there's something missing in the sauce; it has taste, but it doesn't taste.  The pasta is always very bland and the chicken...not overdone, exactly, nor overspiced, but it feels...incomplete, or wrong.  Maybe some plain sauce with oregano and perhaps rosemary, though I could be wrong, and garlic, ho yes, lots and lots of garlic...


I are confoosed about where I'm supposed to be packing things.  I acted as errand girl this afternoon, something I'm good at, and I packed what Mom told me to, which helps.  But she'll be out of commission Wednesday due to the surgery on her tooth, so we called one of the packing people to come over tomorrow and assist us.  I just wish I knew what to do so I could do some on my own and save them some trouble.  We wrapped pictures today, including those of myself scattered around the house, some of which I'm surprised my parents have kept all these years.  I took my senior picture down from the wall, the one where I have bent my intense, halfway murderous gaze upon the photographer as though I would love nothing more than to smite him where he stands (this is just the bust shot; the full-body where I'm dressed up and leaning on a chair looks like I want to hurl it at some poor, random passerby and dance upon the ashes of a car...wait, what?).  I looked at my father and said,

"I can't believe I was so damn serious!"

Mom and Dad looked up.

"Yeah, well," Dad replied, "you used to have a toy lawnmower that you would push behind me just as serious as you could be, and that was just playing.  Even make-believe and play were serious to you; you were always serious."

Mom just blinked at me.

"You always have been."



A Buddhist walks up to a hotdog vendor and says, "Make me one with everything."

Back to reading old journals and digesting; w007.

And yes, Jon; "freer" is indeed a funny word.  As is "tiramisu."


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On June 21st, 2004 11:50 pm (UTC), chickadee2525 commented:
Poor, Poor sheep! hehe.
I fixed the color photos if you wanna see what your pick looked like, as well as what in the hell a blue merle is!

Lotsa Love!
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On June 22nd, 2004 02:46 am (UTC), zephyr0 commented:
Have you any wool?
I'll unserious you... I mean you aren't always serious, you have your moments but you are no match for my tickle foo.. *poses in kung fu stance trying to look serious*
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On June 22nd, 2004 08:14 am (UTC), easton_exile commented:
For red sauce, a tiny amount of crushed garlic improves the taste of the sauce. Also, while you're making the sauce/heating it, add an egg to it. The taste will skyrocket, I assure you.
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On June 23rd, 2004 12:18 am (UTC), kremerthehun commented:
You know what they say... "I killed you, I'm not coming back."
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