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Pat and Kelly and Jon,

I looked at the website, but I'm not sure exactly how many things I'm supposed to buy.

Of the pads, the anti-slip foam pad like yours and the Deluxe DDR Pad with foam insert look the best; I'm leaning more towards the latter myself for foot support.

As far as adapters go, I'm guessing that I need the EMS USB adapter to actually plug the pad into my computer, which also allows my brother and I to play at the same time if we buy another pad. However, this little sentence here (Adapter is auto-installed by Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Direct X 8.1 or higher required) ) worries me. Do I need to look up the Direct X requirements on my laptop to make sure the pad will run?

Are there any other pieces that I'm missing?  There's the pad and there's the adapter.  Which ones did you buy and which ones would you recommend?


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On May 26th, 2004 12:52 pm (UTC), darksidex commented:
You're dead on, most of the way. You need a converter and a pad, and that's about it :)

For the converter, don't worry. Windows XP has Direct X version plenty.highenough if you've used Windows Update to make everything current. and I think XP *ships* with at least 8.1.

Now... the pad. The anti-slip one is *not* like mine, precisely. It's a standard flat, unpadded soft-pad, but mine don't have the "grips" added. They've been attached to plywood instead :) The non-slip thing is a modification probably added by the Level Six people.

As for which of those two pads to get, some people don't like the padded ones... if you're used to an arcade, they feel too squishy. Personally, I think they're alright. But that's up to you.
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